About Jide

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I am Jide Ademulegun, the founder and creative director of Jydiel Photography. I grew up in Nigeria and started video production in England. Intrigued by the art and craft of creating moving images from a young age, I followed my passion for spawning digital copies of life and visual representation of human emotions.

My style is emotion filled and detail centered. It goes beyond the fascination of lenses and excitement of clicks and stretches to the heart and soul of couples, portraits and events. It’s telling life stories from memories.

I live in a quiet suburb of Maryland in the United States with my amazing wife Toun and our two energetic boys. With the support of my incredible family, I have been able to travel the world and capture great moments. Photography has afforded me the opportunity to experience great cultures ranging from the vast swath of North America, to the shores of Europe and down to the empires of Africa. Then, back home to Toun and the boys, a safe haven from the world’s busiest airports and passenger traffic.

Life is art, Photography is only a witness.

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